Welcome to Carneiro’s Sober Living

Carneiro’s Sober Living Homes are located in The San Francisco East Bay. The town of Concord, CA is located 29 miles east of San Francisco. Concord has quiet neighborhoods and a temperate climate. Concord is the largest city in Contra Costa County. Concord is a harmonious community with an excellent park system, convenient shopping and large preserves of open space. It is the perfect area for your continued recovery.

If you are recovering or on your way to continued recovery. Carneiro’s is for you. Whether you are straight out of rehab or have been sober for months. We understand the challenges that come with different amounts of clean time and recovery. At Carneiro’s, we are here to help support your success in remaining clean and living in recovery.

We provide consistent guidance and support for men and women adjusting to a new life of sobriety. All of our homes have easy access to public transportation and 12 step meetings. We can also provide you with information about other recovery resources in the San Francisco East Bay area.

At Carneiro’s you will find a recovery “family” where you can feel at home. You will benefit from the experience and support of your recovery family. With support, you increase your success for maintaining your new lifestyle. Here, you can learn to be the “new you” along with others in recovery.

We have 21 years of business in Contra Costa County.  We’re looking forward to helping you improve your life for the long term.

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