About Us

Ferd Carneiro

Carneiro’s Sober Living was started by Ferd Carneiro after he completed treatment and began his new life. In 1994 he attended Crossroads Recovery Center in Concord, CA. Ferd completed the in-house treatment program and learned why his life had become unmanageable over his addiction and alcoholism. Through his journey of recovery, he set some personal goals for himself.

Listening to his first mentor, Dick Allio, who he deeply respected and admired, he learned that although he would probably never be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, that he could still have and achieve attainable goals. Ferd had always been handy and was already working in the construction industry so he began to purchase and remodel homes around the bay area for resale.

One day during his aftercare program he was telling Mr. Allio about one of the houses he was working on, in Martinez, on Delacy Avenue. It was then that he informed Ferd of the need for SLE’s in that area and so began his first experience with running “DeLacy Clean and Sober House” for men.

This was not in Ferd’s original plan when he began fixing up houses but he was guided down this path on his own road of recovery. Since then, Ferd has been able to open and run 3 other successful Sober Living Homes all in the Concord area; Carneiro’s Co-Ed House, Huron House for men, and Rockne House for men.